Q.   Are you compliant with GDPR?

A.   Yes - “Your Virtual PA Services is a compliant business under GDPR & UK Data Protection Law. Click this link to verify our status.”


Q.   If I require work completed at the weekend - can this be accommodated?

A.   Standard business hours are - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  However, if there is a work task that needs to be completed over a weekend, this may be possible.  Please discuss/book such work during the working hours of the current week.  I will need to consult my diary, and if I am available, I will do my best to help.   Such work will carry an increase in my hourly rate.

Q.   If I need to send work over to you late or towards the end of the working day, will it be completed that day?

A.   Unless the task is a very simple one, it is unlikely to be completed that same day.  It will be started the following day.

Q.   Are you covered by the appropriate business insurances?

A.   Yes, the business is covered with Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.  Should you wish to see the certificate, this can be emailed to you.

Q.  I need someone to take minutes of meetings, are you able to do this?

A.  Yes, I have a lot of experience in taking, transcribing, distributing minutes including setting reminders.

Q.  Can you work from my office if required?

A.   Yes, depending on the distance, I could work from your office, or if required, a combination of both.  I am situated in Staffordshire WS11

Q.  What happens if you are away on holiday?

A.  I am always available on my mobile, even when I am away.  If you need to speak to me I will be there to help.  Additionally, I work with other PA's who will be able to complete work in my absence.  I would ensure that any necessary training was given and you are provided with all contact details etc...

Q.   What does 'Branded email' mean?

A.    Adding branding to your email makes a huge difference in terms of the perception your potential or actual customers have of your company.  It promotes your business, builds your brand image, shows you are professional, established and promotes the belief that you will provide reliability.   All that is needed is the ability to access your email, your image/wording and this will always be shown.   Do not have one, talk to me and we can get one created.

Q.   Can you keep my inbox organised/tidy, delete spam and reply to emails in my absence?

A.   Yes, you can delegate the organisation of your Gmail/Hotmail/Mail or other.  It is a good way to stay on top of your inbox.  If you are using another type of email you may need to get your tech person to sort out how I can access it.  

Q.   Can you handle meeting/appointment scheduling?

A.   Yes, I can ensure all your meetings and appointments are managed through your online diary.   All you need to do is give me access to manage your calendar.   Managing your outlook calendar may require a tech person to set up access.

Q.   Can you make telephone calls on my behalf?

A.    Yes, I can call to organise events, do research, contact customers, make reservations, etc...  However, I do not offer a service involving cold sales calls to solicit customers.  I am more than happy to make calls to prospective customers in order to build a marketing database.


Q.  I only need a few hours per week/per month.  Can you accommodate this?

A.  Yes, the benefit of working with my Virtual-PA services is that I only work the actual hours you need.

Q.   I lose time searching for the right supplier offering the best deal.  Can you help with this?

A.    Yes, I will source any type of supplier for you and get quotes for you to peruse.

Q.    Do you offer a service to make purchases on my behalf?

A.    Yes, I can make purchases and place orders.  Firstly we would have a conversation and jointly sign a security agreement.  Please note that passwords and other sensitive information are only taken over the telephone. 

Q.    Can you work with specialised software?

A.     Yes  

Q.    Can you do design work?

A.     I can source pictures from Pixabay/Shutterstock (and other) where a project requires pictures.  Designs can also be completed using Canva (or other).  For big design projects, I can source a graphic design supplier for you and gain quotes.

Q.    Are you able to prepare, edit and format a presentation in PowerPoint?

A.    Yes, I can provide images and complete content following your instructions.

If your question is not listed, please contact me by telephone, email or via the contact form. 

yourvirtualpaservices@solution4u.com     or    barbara@yourvirtualpaservices.co.uk

0757 980 8990.  




A person who exceeds your expectations - loyal, competent and diligent.

I have known Barbara for many years. Her forte is using her analytical mind and attention to detail to put things into a logical sequence. Barbara is someone who has the ability to see into the heart of a problem. She not only sees the solution but, is also well capable of planning the route through to the solution. This was amply demonstrated when we were struggling to build a set of policies and procedures to comply and gain our Quality Standards. It was only when Barbara took over and developed both the policies and procedures that we eventually sailed through our assessment with flying colours. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barbara; she would be an asset to your business.

  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens

Alan Scrivens, Training Director (Retired) – TMS Limited

Barbara has worked for me on a variety of projects and always exceeds my expectations. She has confident approach and excellent multi-task skills. I know that any work she completes will be executed efficiently and accurately. Knowing I can rely on her allows me the peace of mind to concentrate on the more important tasks day to day. Barbara demonstrates an ability to be one step ahead of me. She will prompt me when necessary which proves invaluable. She has the ability to take on any task thrown her way with a positive and flexible approach. I would certainly recommend her - she would be an asset to any business.

  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb

Garry Webb, Managing Director – www.brightideas365.com

Barbara has proved to be loyal and conscientious. She is very competent, diligent and professional, particularly in respect of her dealings with our customers and clients. We have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler

Steve Menzler, Operations Director - STK Fire and Risk Management Limited

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