Why Me

  • Extensive experience in all types of business administration and interfacing with customers.  
  • GDPR compliant - click this link to verify our compliance status - https://www.transitionlawshield.com/virtual-pa-services-1040619
  • I have a vested interest in your success because I believe the key to developing my business is to build positive relationships and give satisfaction.  In this way, you may use my services again.  
  • Reliable, courteous and friendly, with a willingness and ability to work closely with you offering a service is tailored to suit you and your business.
  • You will only be paying for the work I complete.  You can increase and decrease the hours as necessity demands.  Employees get paid whether they are busy or not.  They have tea breaks, doctors/dentist visits, holidays, sick leave, and maternity/paternity leave.
  • No recruitment and selection costs, agency fees, payroll, employers' national insurance, employee benefits, pension rights, office space, maintenance, supervision costs, employers' liability insurance.  No loss of time with any human resource problems.
  • My service releases you from mundane tasks, allowing you to concentrate on achieving your business goals, enhance efficiency and productivity and ultimately increase profitability.
  • You have access to a pro-active, commercially aware PA service which provides value at a reasonable price. 
  • I have experience in making suggestions, setting up new procedures that are more cost-effective, efficient and add value.
  • An aptitude to adapt quickly and positively to changing situations whilst remaining calm and focused.  Able to use initiative to achieve positive results.
  • You may already have a really excellent PA, who is overloaded with work or going on leave.  It may be more cost effective to hire a Virtual-PA who can work with your PA, releasing them to do the priority tasks or to cover for the duration of their leave.


Society of Virtual Assistants - https://www.societyofvirtualassistants.co.uk

Data Protection – Information Commissioner’s Office – https://ico.org.uk/

“Your Virtual PA Services is a compliant business under GDPR & UK Data Protection Law. Click the link to verify our status.”    https://www.transitionlawshield.com/virtual-pa-services-1040619

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Up to the present time, I have had a really enjoyable career.  I have worked with, and for, some remarkable people who have seen my potential and been only too happy to help me develop my skill base; whilst helping their company become more successful.  I have frequently been thrown in at the deep end only to find that when the project is finished, I am congratulated for a job well done.

My career commenced working as a PA for a Senior Partner at a large Solicitors office.  I left to start my business, retailing football souvenirs across the globe.  After the Heysel stadium riots, I decided to change my career path.

My occupation has involved office management with responsibility for business operations and administration plus the management of staff.   I have worked as a Recruitment and Training manager for a large training company, moving to the position of the Quality manager responsible for the design and development of policies and procedures, finally moving to become the HR manager.  Latterly working with a Fire Safety company where I co-ordinated the day to day administration and operations as operations manager.  This job also included a lot of interface with customers offering advice and guidance. 

Such history has lead to the development of diverse business and administration skills.  It has also aided me to prioritise my time, reach deadlines, and give satisfaction.  All this experience allows me to offer a high quality, professional Virtual PA service designed to meet your needs.

Believe it or believe it not, I love administration and organisation.  I gain real motivation being organised and efficient.  If/when requested, I have the ability to see ways to organise or change systems making them more cost-effective and productive.  I work behind the scenes helping you develop your business and achieve your aspirations.

As conceited as it may sound, I believe once you use my service you will wonder how you managed without me.


Conversant with Microsoft packages – Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint also LibraOffice and Kingsoft.

Extensive administration experience

Positive, capable and tactful communicator – face to face and telephone.

Excellent time management and organisation skills.

Success motivated.

Effective and determined under pressure.

Reliable, honest and trustworthy.



A person who exceeds your expectations - loyal, competent and diligent.

I have known Barbara for many years. Her forte is using her analytical mind and attention to detail to put things into a logical sequence. Barbara is someone who has the ability to see into the heart of a problem. She not only sees the solution but, is also well capable of planning the route through to the solution. This was amply demonstrated when we were struggling to build a set of policies and procedures to comply and gain our Quality Standards. It was only when Barbara took over and developed both the policies and procedures that we eventually sailed through our assessment with flying colours. I would have no hesitation in recommending Barbara; she would be an asset to your business.

  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens
  • Alan Scrivens

Alan Scrivens, Training Director (Retired) – TMS Limited

Barbara has worked for me on a variety of projects and always exceeds my expectations. She has confident approach and excellent multi-task skills. I know that any work she completes will be executed efficiently and accurately. Knowing I can rely on her allows me the peace of mind to concentrate on the more important tasks day to day. Barbara demonstrates an ability to be one step ahead of me. She will prompt me when necessary which proves invaluable. She has the ability to take on any task thrown her way with a positive and flexible approach. I would certainly recommend her - she would be an asset to any business.

  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb
  • Garry Webb

Garry Webb, Managing Director – www.brightideas365.com

Barbara has proved to be loyal and conscientious. She is very competent, diligent and professional, particularly in respect of her dealings with our customers and clients. We have no hesitation in recommending her.

  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler
  • Steve Menzler

Steve Menzler, Operations Director - STK Fire and Risk Management Limited

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